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What we are here to solve

Import, export, repeat

Stack in a perpetual cycle when you want everyone to have the latest data?

To problem 2 →

One place, one thing to update

Create or upload your data in TransiTool and use its APIs to seamlessly connect all other locations. Whenever you make a change in TransiTool, all other locations are updated.

Benefits of using TransiTool

Cost savings

Time savings

Better data


Interoperable data

Operational awareness

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Static data manager

Creating data for schedules, stops, routes and fares is an intensive work.

Find out how you can remove the hustle from GTFS creation!

Realtime data manager

Realtime information is one of the highest requirements for passengers.

Create and publish realtime data easier than ever before!


Keeping your data up-to-date is strenuous and resource-intensive.

Analyse, Explore and Connect your data easily with TransiTool!

TransiTool Dashboard

Worry about the real-world, let TransiTool handle the digital world

TransiTool is made for engineers and business managers that want to create better data and gain value from their data.

TransiTool takes the focus from data administration (creation/fusion/translation/publishing) to using data for providing better services.

It works with fixed and semi-fixed schedules and realtime data providing easy integrations to your existing services or a completely new offering for your passengers.

Sounds awesome?

We envision a transportation system with accessible data for humans and computers that contributes to inclusiveness and seamless travels. TransiTool will help you make it.

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