We set out to revolutionize data analytics in transportation

and this is only the beginning.

We wanted data consistency

Having consistency between datasets is no easy feat. It requires rigorous work, review, feedback cycles, tests. In a manual setup, achieving consistency is an impossible task since on every update, the entire dataset will need to be adapted leaving room for human error while requiring a disproportionate amount of resources.

We wanted to have datasets with no duplicates, no gaps, no contradictions at any time. We wanted completeness, data consistency. We achieved it with Transitool.

We wanted data versatility

Having static data and realtime data is the overall goal of any Transport Operator. We want passengers to receive the latest schedules and the latest updates about the schedule. However, this task is immensely intensive because first, static and realtime data need to always be up-to-date, while they also need to match on definition and operational level.

Achieving the "1+1=3" requires the right data. Data that can be consumed by different platforms easily and quickly.

We wanted data availability

Creating and manipulating the data is the bulk of the work. Making them available to the final data consumer however, is another ordeal of its own. Equally important, having the data consumer notified and updated at every and all updates of the data fast, is by itself a completely new challenge. While this task is never overlooked, it remains an issue for the most modern operators.

We wanted to create a man-in-the-middle, a platform that receives data in different formats, that analyses and transforms them and that sends them to the data consumer, seamlessly.

TransiTool's apps

TransiTool consists of two apps, a web app and a mobile app that work in tandem to provide an improved data management and analytics experience. The web app is your control center, with multiple tools for data creation, management, sharing and publishing. The mobile app is used for getting information to and from the driver.

Web app

With the web app you can:

  • Create and manage static GTFS and NeTEx
  • Create realtime GTFS (or let TransiTool create them for you)
  • Connect with other apps through APIs
  • Analyze and optimize your service
  • Show your data to users through plugins
  • Publish your data in TransiTool and in Google

Smartphone app

With the smartphone app you can:

  • Provide information to your drivers
  • Collect realtime position data from vehicles
  • Collect information about congestion, vehicle occupancy
  • Publish the information in TransiTool and in Google

Mobile app is coming soon!

TransiTool Flow

TransiTool Input & Output

Meet the team

Alexandros Papacharalampous

Alexandros E. Papacharalampous (Alex)

CEO - Lead Programmer

Zoi Papacharalampous

Zoi Papacharalampous


Vasilis Zisiadis

Vasilis Zisiadis

Solutions Architect