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We are transportation engineers, data engineers and programmers. We know that two projects are never alike. Each organization has specific requirements and business cases. And we are here to address them!

The services offered by TransiTool are divided in three Tiers shown below. When you purchase any tier, a transportation data engineer will be assigned to work with you and help you in the aspects you select (based on each Tier). This provides a personalized and known point of contact for you when working with TransiTool and transportation data.

Tier I

Receive remote assistance in all processes of data creation, maintenance and publishing

With Tier I services you take lead over the data creation, maintenance and publishing process. The TransiTool team will be there to help you with problems and questions remotely. In this Tier you will receive:

  • Remote video calls and email support.
  • Access to learning material.
  • Remote backups of your data by TransiTool at regular intervals.

Use this Tier if you are somewhat familiar with GTFS data and want to have full overview of the workings of TransiTool.

Tier II

Leave all data creation and maintenance processes to us and worry only about integration

With Tier II we take lead over the data creation, maintenance and publishing process. The TransiTool team will be in continuous contact with you for creating and managing your data so that you only worry about integration of TransiTool APIs and data in your services. In this Tier you will receive everything from Tier I and:

  • Data collection per the requirements of GTFS and other standards.
  • Data creation by TransiTool team.
  • Account creation and communication with map providers.
  • Testing of data and continuous updates per your requests.

Use this Tier if you want TransiTool to handle the data engineering but you want control over the integration of APIs and data in your services.

Tier III

We take care of everything you will need

With Tier III we take take care of everything. The TransiTool team will work on data creation, maintenance and integration of APIs and data in your services. This is an on and off-premise support Tier where TransiTool's data engineers and programmers will work in TransiTool and your applications to integrate everything. In this Tier you will receive everything from Tier I & II and:

  • On premise support for integrating TransiTool in your services.
  • Customized APIs and data formats created for your specific business cases.
  • Access to all learning material.
  • Other customized services based on your requirements.

Use this Tier you want everything to be tackled by our team.


The services above provide added value to your organization extending beyond the innnovative set of tools provided within TransiTool. TransiTool's automation and data engineering tools will intuitively guide you through through data creation, management and publishing. TransiTool was created with ease-of-use in mind and tested with many partners that are not data engineers or programmers. Thus, the services above aim to assist through activities that are tailored to your needs and core to your business.

The TransiTool app in addition to the services above are the most powerful data engineering mix you will need for creating transit data, keeping them up-to-date and integrating them with your and other services.

Let's get to work

Services are priced based on the requirements of your organization. We offer competitive prices and we guarantee to deliver the required and requested end-results. Contact us for more information about the tiers and services and to receive a quotation.