Powerful Analytics are a robust mechanisms for a Transport Providers looking to improve its services, reduce cost and maximize income.

Use cases of Analytics

  • Determine the mode of a user through his/her smartphone
  • Improve your schedules and routes
  • Provide services to users depending on the mode they use

What you gain from Analytics

  • Network assessment with state-of-the-art algorithms
  • Insights in your service's operation
  • Smart and powerful data analysis tailored for transport operators

Why we are unique

Your benefits ˅

Gain insights from metrics

Assess your transport network using state-of-the-art metrics.

With TransiTool Analytics, you can assess the performance of your service using PTAL (Public Transport Accessibility Levels) and LITA (Local Index of Transit Availability) metrics. TransiTool will disambiguate metrics results and provides ways to improve your network leading to increase in patronage.

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Peak Innovation

Modern algorithms, one click away.

TransiTool's Analytics contain algorithms created through systematic and rigorous research from experienced Transport and Data Engineers that have been published in scientific journals and conferences. We constantly evolve our algorithms through close collaboration with Transport Providers and our clients.

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A gateway to new services

TransiTool algorithms empower you to provide new services

With TransiTool's original Route Matching and Travel Mode Detection you can better estimate usage per route, line and time leading to improved advertisement income estimation and vehicle usage. You can also implement for mode-based services and smart ticketing that will increase patronage and passengers.

The user accessible Data Publications' page where API endpoints are published

Make informed decisions

Changes on your network can affect users. TransiTool can tell you how much.

You are ready to make a change on your network and service but you do not know how much will it affect ridership. With TransiTool Analytics, you no longer need to be in the dark. Use metrics and analytics in projection and live mode by allowing Analytics to utilize real-time data into metrics' calculations.

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