TransiTool's APIs provide you with data connectivity, accessibility and exchange assisting in data integration and usage.

Use cases of APIs

  • Show schedules and routes on your website
  • Access data from any app at any time
  • Gain access to analytics, delivered in your applications

What you gain from APIs

  • Connect your data in TransiTool with anything
  • Update your data in TransiTool leads to updating all API endpoints
  • Supreme and state-of-the-art analytics tools

Why we are unique

Your benefits ˅

Continuous interconnectivity

Interconnect your services with the data you create in TransiTool

Creating and managing data would be valuable if you could not use the data you create and manage. TransiTool is serious about its interconnectivity and wants you to have continuous and easy access to your data at any time and at any application removing the hassle from having decentralized databases that need to be separately updated and maintained. Having APIs is not the only thing though; TransiTool has and is constantly building the documentation, expanding the data models and extending the accepted payloads so that you have many options to access your data and are holistically informed about the APIs’ operation. Concrete and comprehensive documentation and most importantly, a grand array of APIs to use bring interconnectivity and accessibility.

Get the data to your users faster than ever before

The benefit of a centralized, context-aware database is having a single point of update

TransiTool is a context-aware database and data space; the context is transport and transit data and the space is management of those data – creation, update and maintenance. Using TransiTool’s APIs you can utilize those data in any application, your journey planners, your websites, your smartphone apps. Updating the data in TransiTool means that the end-user of your applications that use TransiTool APIs always have the latest data. This unravels TransiTool’s true purpose, a one-stop-shop for engineering, software and database needs for transport and transit data. And that means that you enjoy shorter development-to-production cycles reducing cost and saving time.

Analyze data for location-aware solutions

Route Matching Analytics API

The Route Matching Analytics API of TransiTool is an original algorithm for detecting passenger trips (duration, start/end of trip, activity locations) and modes used based on user traces. It is a value-added algorithm that generates knowledge from existing data giving you the tool to understand the most used routes, most used lines/routes and most dense traffic hours. Engineers can make better strategic decisions when planning ahead while marketers can have revealed preference data for estimating advertising space on your vehicles. The Route Matching API will soon be extended to work on real-time giving you the ability to provide mode-based services (e.g., estimation of mode used for ticketing, access to services, real-time passenger density).

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