TransiTool's APIs provide data connectivity, accessibility and exchange assisting in data integration and usage.

Use cases of APIs

  • Show schedules and routes on your website
  • Access data from any app at any time
  • Gain access to analytics, delivered in your applications

What you gain from APIs

  • Connect your data in TransiTool with anything
  • Update your data in TransiTool leads to updating all API endpoints
  • State-of-the-art analytics tools

Why we are unique

Your benefits ˅

Continuous interconnectivity

Connect data in TransiTool with anything

TransiTool's APIs can connect data you create in TransiTool with anything; your smartphone applications, website, 3rd parties and IoT devices. APIs work with the data you publish in TransiTool ensuring that data consumers always have correct and full datasets. TransiTool constantly expands its documentation to make APIs usage and integration easier and faster.

APIs page for data retrieval

Your own Journey Planner

Get access to a journey planner that works with your data

Allow your users to receive directions for A to B using TransiTool's Journey Planner that works with data you publish in TransiTool. TransiTool's Journey Planner is made to be fast and extendable to cover all users' needs. Integrate the API in maps in your website or smartphone app or use TransiTool's plugin for a journey visualization.

APIs page for data retrieval with focus on Journey Planner API

Customizable APIs

Each API has various mechanisms to get you the data you need

TransiTool has API endpoints for retrieving stops, next scheduled arrivals, time schedules, routes and directions. Each endpoint can be called in various ways depending on your use case. For example, you can find stops given a name or given a location. That way, you can always find the data you need!

APIs page for data retrieval with usage and multiple options shown

Automate your data flows

Use TransiTool as a central hub for your transportation data

Are you already creating real-time data in another app or device? Then you can use TransiTool's API endpoints for sending those data to TransiTool. Consequently, TransiTool will standardize the data and update any service connected to it such as, Google Maps and other API endpoints. That way, everything becomes connected.

APIs page for sending realtime data

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