Data Manager

The Data Manager is an end-to-end tool that will help a Transport Provider to create static and realtime data for its operations.

Use cases of Data Manager

  • Create GTFS data for Google Maps
  • Minimize errors in data creation through automatic corrections
  • An insightful UI for managing data

What you gain from Data Manager

  • A place for all your transit data
  • Automatic data checks and updates
  • Visualization and analytics tools

Why we are unique

Your benefits ˅

Digitize your Data. Forget clunky spreadsheets.

Powerful data creation and correction tools

Import your existing data or create them anew. The Data Manager implements intuitive modules that automate many processes and even correct data when possible, easing the creation procedure and reducing errors. The Data Manager will validate your data ensuring compliance with the GTFS standard.

Data Manager's Map for editing data

Real-time data, easier than ever before

Use interfaces that are made to be simple and responsive to make better data

Creating real-time data is an expensive and strenuous process, but it should not be. TransiTool allows manual real-time data insertion and can also automate their creation. With TransiTool's Data Manager, there is a direct and immediate link between real-time and static data so published data are always updated.

Trip Updates data insertion table

Publish your data the right way

Control how your data are published to map-providers and others

Receive access to a dedicated page for your company with published data and control who has access to which datasets. Map providers and 3rd parties can visit the page to obtain up-to-date data. Secure the page with a password, or make your data public. Any update of data in the Data Manager will result in update Data Publications page.

Settings for Data Publications' page where the page is active

Streamline your processes

Create standardized data based on concrete data models and storage techniques

TransiTool's Data Manager contains translation algorithms for major standards. You can export your data to GTFS, NeTEx (multiple profiles), real-time GTFS and SIRI or publish them in TransiTool. No more need for expensive data engineering expertise and analysis time to create the data in different standards.

The user accessible Data Publications' page where GTFS are published

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