TransiTool Plugins are complete services based on TransiTool's vigorous backend made for Transport Providers' users.

Use cases of Plugins

  • Provide Journey Planning in your website and smartphone app
  • Fully digital travel information
  • Make real-time information available to users

What you gain from Plugins

  • Complete and holistic digital services for immediate integration
  • Services are continuously and seamlessly updated
  • Less software development

Why we are unique

Your benefits ˅

Journey Planning everywhere you need it

Get access to a Journey Planning iFrame using TransiTool data for your users

With TransiTool Journey Planning iFrame plugin you can provide your users with A to B navigation using the latest data you have in Transitool. Integrate the iFrame everywhere and customize it for your needs through its many options. You will no longer need to spend countless software and data engineering hours to show your users the latest travel information.

A demonstration of the Journey Planning iFrame plugin

An ever expanding plugins catalogue

We constantly work on new plugins, but we are interested to hear your ideas

TransiTool's Plugins became an instant hit on launch because it provides a connection to users. We are always eager to expand on this connection and execute studies on passenger needs for making new Plugins. Do you have a more specific demand for a Plugin? Tell us about it and our team will get on it!

The Plugins page where the user can activate or deactivate plugins

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