Realtime Data Manager

The Realtime Data Manager is a complete realtime data creation machine that will help you create realtime data from your operations.

Use cases of Realtime Data Manager

  • Create realtime GTFS data for Google Maps
  • Publish data to Google and other map providers
  • Upload your data with APIs automatically

What you gain from Realtime Data Manager

  • A place for all your transit data
  • Automatic data checks and updates
  • Visualization and analytics tools

Why we are unique

Your benefits ˅

Create real-time data fast

Never before was real-time data creation so easy

Creating real-time data is an expensive and strenuous process that requires many departments to collaborate, from drivers to administration personnel, and implement a continuously monitored data collection method. With TransiTool, this process is easier than ever before; you can create Realtime data such as Updates of a trip or Alerts of your service, update them and publish them in your applications or to map providers. In addition, any change made in static data is automatically depicted on real-time data and vice versa. The process was created with automation in mind allowing even non-experts to execute fast data insertion, significantly reducing costs from implementing a new collection method. If you have no collection method in place, you can use the TransiTool app!

View your data in a centralized dashboard

Have a conveniently easy overview over the real-time data collection in TransiTool

Realtime data have velocity and criticality. They change fast and keeping track of them in order to amend or correct them can be more resource intensive than creating them. TransiTool implements an easy-to-read and easy-to-edit tabular approach to the process that allows easy and quick changes to data. In addition, the tabular format makes it easier to review old data, duplicate and remove unnecessary data from the realtime dataset. This gives you the required tools to create better data that increase operational awareness of users and engineers.

Take advantage of automated data insertion and checking tools

TransiTool is all about automation! And it shines its best in realtime data

Creating, updating and most importantly, reviewing realtime data is easier than ever in TransiTool. It will guide you through most inserting methods and will calculate data for you when possible. TransiTool has even set out a plan to completely automate the data creation process in its Realtime Data Manager through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques. The automation tools are available through both the web interface and the APIs making the Realtime Data Manager the most advanced interoperable data analytics and engineering tool in its field.

Create data without changing your processes

Use TransiTool APIs in your services to store data. TransiTool takes care of the rest

Do you have a process to collect live vehicle locations already running? Then you can add a convenient API in your existing process to send and save real time data in TransiTool which will then be shared with the services you select, such as Google Maps, Here Maps or other services you add in the app. Do you NOT have a process implemented? Then take advantage of TransiTool mobile app to collect enriched data. The app will allow the drivers or other operators of vehicles to upload information such as passenger density and traffic conditions that can assist passengers in making more informed decisions. You can also use connection APIs of TransiTool to share the data with other departments for better decision making and to increase operational awareness.

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